Drone SMS

We have developed a Safety Management System (SMS) "model" for small commercial drone operations. Whereas the Safety Case model presented in the Drone Safety Handbook is primarily aimed at the development of a "body of evidence" to prove that a new drone operation is safe enough to commence with operations (to obtain "initial approval" from a Regulator), the Safety Management System is required to ensure that the initial level of safety is maintained throughout the operational life of the System. It is therefore the equivalent of the systems in the manned aviation world to ensure that airworthiness of the Operation is maintained ("continued") to the highest levels possible. There is, of course, some overlap between the Safety Case and SMS models, as some evidence will be required for both models.

Due to the modest scale of most small commercial drone ventures, the SMS model developed for "small drone operations" has been tailored accordingly.

The model is presented here as a set of user-customisable templates, downloadable for free from the site. You may edit to represent your operation - including the scale of your venture - and may, of course, even add to the set of documents recommended in this model.

Safety Management Manual:

Additional Templates

A couple of the Templates above offer slight expansions or improvements over their counterparts offered for the development of a Safety Case, as presented on the Drone Safety Handbook segment of the website. An example is the Accident Recording Form, which adds a section at the onset of the Form, and presents the content in a more logical manner.


NOTE: all Templates have been tested with MS Word 2010 or MS Excel 2010 or higher (for the best user experience), and may be user-altered to suit your Organisational or Operational needs.

All Templates are FREE and have been designed to help establish safer drone operations. We will be improving/updating the Templates as we receive advice and feedback from Users. Check back from time to time to see if any updates have been loaded.